What does necessary mean?

necessary meaning in General Dictionary


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  • unavoidably dependant on previous circumstances
  • such a thing essential
  • including should be impractical to be usually never to be prevented unavoidable
  • something is essential or essential for some function a thing that you can perhaps not do without a necessity an essential made use of mainly in plural because the necessaries of life
  • Such as must certanly be; impossible to be otherwise; to not be avoided; inescapable.
  • impractical to be otherwise, or even to be dispensed with, without avoiding the attainment of a desired result; indispensable; requiste; essential.
  • Acting from prerequisite or compulsion; involuntary; -- opposed to no-cost; since, whether guy is an essential or a free broker is a question much discussed.
  • something which is essential or indispensable for some function; a thing that you can maybe not do without; a necessity; an important; -- utilized mainly in plural; since, the necessaries of life.
  • A privy; a water-closet.
  • Such things, according to infants, lunatics, and married ladies, because are prerequisite for support suitable to station.

necessary meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj., adv. 1) essen- tial. 2) less forcefully, it may mean convenient, of good use or making good sense.

necessary meaning in Law Dictionary

As utilized in jurisprudence, your message "necessary" does not constantly import a complete physical prerequisite, so strong that certain thing, that another might called "necessary," cannot occur without that various other. It frequently imports no more than this one thing is convenient or useful or necessary to another. To use the means neccssanj to a conclusion is generally comprehended as employing any means calculated to create the conclusion, rather than to be confined to those solitary means without which the end would be totally unattainable. McCulloch v. Maryland, 4 Wheat. 310, 413, 4 L. Ed. 579. As to needed "problems," "Deposit," "Domicile," "Implication," "Intromission," "events," "repair works," and "Way," see those brands.

necessary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c. "needed, needed, crucial, essential," from Old French necessaire "necessary, immediate, persuasive" (13c.), and right from Latin necessarius "unavoidable, essential, essential," from necesse "unavoidable, indispensable," initially "no backing away," from ne- "not" + cedere "to withdraw, subside, yield" (see cede). The root sense is of this where there's absolutely no evasion, what is inevitable. Required residence "privy" is from c.1600. Essential evil is from 1540s (the first guide was to "woman").

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  • mid-14c., "needed, required, or of good use things; the requirements of life; actions based on correct or law," possibly from Old French necessaire (n.) "private components, genitalia; lavatory," and directly from Latin necessarius (n.), in ancient Latin "a relation, relative, kinsman; buddy, customer, patron;" see required (adj.).

necessary meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Relating to distinctions of modality (q. v.), a proposition is necessary if its the fact is certifiable on a priori grounds, or on purely logical grounds. Need is hence, because were a stronger type of truth, to-be distinguished through the contingent truth of a proposition which could were otherwise. (As hence described, the idea is naturally vague, however it may in several ways get an exact equivalent in a single logistic system or any other.) an idea may also be reported to be needed in case it is a result of some accepted group of propositions (indicated by the framework), no matter if this acknowledged group of propositions is certainly not held become a priori. See Necessity. That a propositional function F is important may suggest just (x)F(x), or it could mean that (x)F(x) is necessary in another of the preceding senses. -- A.C.

necessary meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Like should be; impractical to be usually; not to ever be averted; unavoidable.

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  • (a.) Impossible to be usually, or even to be dispensed with, without preventing the attainment of a desired outcome; indispensable; requiste; crucial.
  • (a.) Acting from requirement or compulsion; involuntary; -- against free; since, whether man is a necessary or a totally free agent is a concern much-discussed.
  • (letter.) A thing that is essential or indispensable for some purpose; something that one could perhaps not do without; a requisite; an important; -- used mainly in the plural; because, the necessaries of life.
  • (letter.) A privy; a water-closet.
  • (letter.) May be, in respect to infants, lunatics, and wedded women, since are necessity for support suitable to section.

Sentence Examples with the word necessary

Broadly this phenomenon is termed polymorphism; however, it is necessary to examine closely the diverse crystal modifications in order to determine whether they are really of different symmetry, or whether twinning has occasioned the apparent difference.

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