What does ne mean?

ne meaning in General Dictionary

a colorless odorless gaseous element giving a red glow in vacuum pressure pipe; one of many six inert gasses; occurs floating around in a small amount

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  • a midwestern condition on Great Plains
  • the compass point midway between north and east; at 45 degrees
  • maybe not never ever
  • Nor
  • perhaps not; never ever.
  • Nor.

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ne meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

brief for perhaps not equal, ne or != is an operator used in programming languages and in command range commands. For instance, in development languages particularly Perl, you could form similar to the example below.

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ne meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Perhaps not; never ever.

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  • (adv.) Nor.

Sentence Examples with the word ne

By the 14th century the motto Nim pose qui ne veut (i.e.

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