What does nautical mean?

nautical meaning in General Dictionary

relating to or involving boats or delivery or navigation or seamen

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  • Of or related to seamen into art of navigation or to vessels as nautical skill
  • Of or with respect to seamen, into art of navigation, or to boats; since, nautical skill.

nautical meaning in Law Dictionary

ertaining to vessels or even the skill of navigation or the business of carriage by water.

nautical meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from -al (1) + nautic from Middle French nautique, from Latin nauticus "pertaining to ships or sailors," from Greek nautikos "seafaring, naval," from nautes "sailor," from naus "ship," from PIE *nau- (2) "boat" (see naval).

nautical meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or pertaining to seamen, to your art of navigation, or even vessels; because, nautical skill.

Sentence Examples with the word nautical

Airy then at length published an account of the circumstances, and Adams's memoir was printed as an appendix to the Nautical Almanac. A keen controversy arose in France and England as to the merits of the two astronomers.

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