What does natural selection mean?

natural selection meaning in General Dictionary

an all-natural procedure causing the evolution of organisms most readily useful adjusted towards the environment

natural selection meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

the procedure which particular flowers or pets tend to be eradicated from a host and do not carry on in a breeding ground

natural selection meaning in Business Dictionary

Process by which evolutionary changes occur in residing organisms over millions of years. Based on Darwin's concept of development, the organisms well adapted for their environment survive better than those people who are perhaps not and generally are able to pass on their particular genes to a lot of more offspring. As this procedure repeats over hundreds of thousands of years together with less-fit organisms come to be extinct, it appears like nature 'selects' particular organisms over others in the same environment to continue. This biological idea is employed as a metaphor for modern financial surroundings where really fast pace of modification needs agility in adjusting towards the unanticipated situations or to miss out. Also called survival regarding the fittest it's, but perhaps not the key feature of evolution. The primary evolutionary feature could be the continuation of what works well (see evolution).

natural selection meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

This is the corner-stone associated with evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin. He found great variation in and among kinds as a result of his considerable biological investigations and taken into account the modifications, perhaps not bvysome act of unique creation or supernatural input, but because of the descent, generation after generation, of modified types chosen to survive and replicate the greater amount of useful while the much more effectively adjusted into ecological fight for presence. He elaborated a corollary for this general principle in his idea of intimate selection. See Evolutionism, Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer. -- L.E.D.

Sentence Examples with the word natural selection

But the causes and conditions of variation have yet to be thoroughly explored; and the importance of natural selection will not be impaired, even if further inquiries should prove that variability is definite, and is determined in certain directions rather than in others, by conditions inherent in that which varies.

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