What does natural gas mean?

natural gas meaning in General Dictionary

a fossil fuel in gaseous state; utilized for cooking and heating homes

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  • The combustible gas discovered of petroleum build up and in addition various other geological structures made up predominantly of methane plus variable other constitutents it really is an important energy source and it is transported long distances by pipelines or perhaps in a liquefied state in tankers for commercial circulation Some propane deposits have helium and comprise the main supply of that unusual factor

natural gas meaning in Law Dictionary

Underground and undersea permeable sedimentary rocks are a source of this unique kind of hydrocarbon gas, and crude oil as petroleum. Its mixture is primarily 85 percent methane, 10 % ethane, and 3 percent propane. Butane, skin tightening and, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, and air fill the percentage. Its a vital feedstock when you look at the chemical industry for fertilizers, methanol, alongside organic and artificial materials make. Additionally, it is a fuel in other companies. Also reference petroleum gases and petroleum.

natural gas meaning in Business Dictionary

Hydrocarbon fuel acquired from underground and undersea porous sedimentary rocks, frequently along with crude oil (see petroleum). It's a combination primarily of methane (about 85 per cent), ethane (about ten percent), and propane (about 3 per cent); butane, skin tightening and, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, and oxygen compensate the balance. Utilized as a significant feedstock (inside make of fertilizers, methanol, along with other organic and synthetic products) into the substance industry, and as fuel various other industries. See also petroleum gases.

Sentence Examples with the word natural gas

Jn 1841 natural gas was found with salt brine in a well on the Kanawha, and was used as a fuel to evaporate the salt water.

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