What does nascent mean?

nascent meaning in General Dictionary

becoming born or beginning

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  • Commencing or in procedure for development starting to occur or even to grow getting into becoming as a nascent germ
  • Commencing, or in procedure of development; just starting to exist or to develop; entering being; because, a nascent germ.
  • Evolving; being developed or produced.

nascent meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from Latin nascentem (nominative nascens) "arising youthful, immature," current participle of nasci "to be born" (Old Latin gnasci; see genus). Associated: Nascence (1560s); nascency.

nascent meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

a phrase placed on anything or a state of mind at an early stage of its development if it is as yet barely recognizable. See Nascency. The definition of, as applied by H. Spencer (Psychology, § 195) to psychological states, foreshadowed the later principle of the subconscious. See Subconscious; Latency. -- L.W.

nascent meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Commencing, or perhaps in process of development; just starting to occur or even develop; coming into being; since, a nascent germ.

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  • (a.) Evolving; becoming developed or created.

Sentence Examples with the word nascent

The word used shows Loyola's military ideal of the duties and methods of the nascent society.

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