What does multiplicand mean?

multiplicand meaning in General Dictionary

the quantity which multiplied by the multiplier

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  • the amount that will be to-be multiplied by another number known as the multiplier See Note under Multiplication
  • the quantity that will be to-be increased by another number called the multiplier. See Note under Multiplication.

multiplicand meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"number to be increased by another quantity," 1590s, from Latin multiplicandus "to be multiplied," gerundive of multiplicare (see multiply).

Sentence Examples with the word multiplicand

In multiplications or divisions of any length it is generally convenient to begin by forming a table of the first nine multiples of the multiplicand or divisor, and Napier's bones at best merely provide such a table, and in an incomplete form, for the additions of the two figures in the same parallelogram have to be performed each time the rods are used.

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