What does mug mean?

mug meaning in General Dictionary

rob at gunpoint or using risk of violence

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  • the number that may be held in a mug
  • a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of
  • the man face (`kisser' and `smiler' and `mug' tend to be informal terms for `face' and `phiz' is Brit)
  • with handle and often cylindrical
  • some sort of porcelain or material consuming glass with a handle frequently cylindrical and without a lip
  • To take residential property from a person in a public spot by threatening or committing physical violence on person who is robbed to rob particularly to rob by using a weapon like a knife or weapon
  • some sort of earthen or metal ingesting cup, with a handle, -- typically cylindrical and without a lip.
  • the face area or mouth.

mug meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"drinking vessel," 1560s, "bowl, cooking pot, jug," of unidentified beginning, possibly from Scandinavian (compare Swedish mugg "mug, jug," Norwegian mugge "pitcher, open can for cozy beverages"), or Low German mokke, mukke "mug," additionally of as yet not known beginning.

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  • "an individual's face," 1708, perhaps from mug (n.1), on notion of consuming mugs shaped like grotesque faces. Sense of "portrait or picture in authorities records (such as mug chance, 1950) had emerged by 1887. Thus, additionally, "someone" (especially "a criminal"), 1890.
  • "to beat up," 1818, initially "to strike the face" (in pugilism), from cup (n.2). The overall definition "attack" is very first attested 1846, and "attack to rob" is from 1864. Perhaps impacted by thieves' slang mug "dupe, trick, sucker" (1851). Associated: Mugged; mugging.
  • "make exaggerated facial expressions," 1855, initially theatrical slang, from cup (n.2). Related: Mugged; mugging.

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mug meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A kind of earthen or metal ingesting cup, with a handle, -- usually cylindrical and without a lip.

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  • (n.) The face area or mouth.

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No wonder I couldn't find them in any mug books.

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