What does monopolist mean?

monopolist meaning in General Dictionary

a person who monopolizes the method of making or selling anything

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  • a person who monopolizes a person who has a monopoly one who favors dominance
  • a person who monopolizes; a person who features a monopoly; one that favors monopoly.

monopolist meaning in Law Dictionary

Individual acting your can purchase an industry for certain service or product team. The work of monopolizing any service or product is illegal. However, you can be really rich with a monopoly.

monopolist meaning in Business Dictionary

Individual that seeks to possess a big part or the majority of associated with the marketplace for certain particular product or service. If successful, a monopolist might be able to be really wealthy nevertheless the act of developing a monopoly regarding product or service is unlawful.

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monopolist meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Person who monopolizes; one who features a monopoly; a person who prefers dominance.

Sentence Examples with the word monopolist

On the pilgrims, against which the Papacy had already been forced to remonstrate; nor were the Italian towns, with the exception of favoured Venice, disposed to be friendly to the great monopolist city of Constantinople.

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