What does mo mean?

mo meaning in General Dictionary

an indefinitely small amount of time

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  • a polyvalent metallic factor that resembles chromium and tungsten with its properties; accustomed improve and harden steel
  • a midwestern condition in main usa; a border state during US Civil War, Missouri had been accepted on Confederacy without in fact seceding from Union
  • even more usually even more in quantity
  • chemical representation when it comes to factor molybdenum
  • acronym for modus operandi types of operating often regularly relate to the strategy an habitual unlawful uses to perpetrate their criminal activity
  • A suffix put into the names of specific numerals or even to the numerals on their own to point the number of leaves created by folding a sheet of paper as sixteenmo or 16mo eighteenmo or 18mo it's extracted from the Latin types similarly utilized as duodecimo sextodecimo an such like A small group placed after the quantity and near its top is oftentimes used for mo as 16deg 18deg an such like
  • More; -- generally, more in quantity.

mo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

colloquial shortening of momentum, by 1896.

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  • representing U.S. black pronunciation of even more, by 1902; it had been an acceptable variant form of more in the Middle Ages and has roots in Old English; see much more.

mo meaning in Symbols Dictionary

Chinese personality representing "", which means 'Ink'.

mo meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Occasionally spelled Moh. (a) Mo Tzu. (b) Mohism. See Mo chia. (c) Followers of Mo Tzu. See Mo che. -- W.T.C.

mo meaning in General Dictionary

(a., adv., & n.) More; -- usually, more in number.

Sentence Examples with the word mo

In 1 789 he eagerly espoused the democratic and anti-clerical mo p ement then sweeping over France.

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