What does minority mean?

minority meaning in General Dictionary

all ages ahead of the legal age

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  • a team of individuals who differ racially or politically from a more substantial band of which its a component
  • becoming or regarding the smaller in number of two parts
  • hawaii of being a small, or under age.
  • condition to be less or small.
  • small number; -- against majority; as, the minority should be ruled by the vast majority.

minority meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. 1) in voting, a side with fewer than half the ballots. 2) a term for folks in a predominantly Caucasian nation who are not Caucasian, for instance the United States where Caucasians make up most in addition to minorities feature African Us citizens, Hispanics, Asians, native Us citizens (Indians) and other so-called "people of shade." This ironic term is used even though the majority of the earth's populace isn't Caucasian. Often the word is required to incorporate females and homosexuals. "Minority" carries with it a specific patronizing tone even if accustomed assert liberties of individuals who've been discriminated against, either socially or legally. 3) the time scale of life under legal age.

minority meaning in Law Dictionary

The state or problem of a minor; infancy. Small wide range of votes of a deliberative construction; in opposition to vast majority, (which see.)

minority meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "condition to be smaller," from center French minorit

minority meaning in Business Dictionary

anything thought to be a smaller sized subset of a larger group. Ladies in the military are thought a minority as a result of vast quantity of men currently enlisted.

minority meaning in General Dictionary

(a. & n.) The state to be a small, or under age.

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  • (a. & n.) State of being less or little.
  • (a. & n.) Small quantity; -- opposed to bulk; since, the minority should be ruled because of the vast majority.

Sentence Examples with the word minority

On the 7th of September 1159 he was chosen the successor of Adrian IV., a minority of the cardinals, however, electing the cardinal priest Octavian, who assumed the name of Victor IV.

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