What does millenary mean?

millenary meaning in General Dictionary

of or concerning the doctrine associated with the millennium

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  • the 1000th anniversary (or even the party of it)
  • regarding or comprising 1000
  • a span of 1000 many years
  • a sum or aggregate of just one thousand (especially one thousand years)
  • comprising a thousand millennial
  • the area of a lot of years a millennium in addition a Millenarian
  • comprising a thousand; millennial.
  • The space of a lot of many years; a millennium; also, a Millenarian.

millenary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"consisting of a thousand," 1570s, from Latin millenarius (see millennium).

millenary meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Consisting of one thousand; millennial.

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  • (letter.) The area of one thousand many years; a millennium; in addition, a Millenarian.

Sentence Examples with the word millenary

Visited Iceland at the festival commemorating the millenary of the colonization of Iceland from Norway, he gave to the country a Constitution, with full home rule in all internal matters.

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