What does middle term mean?

middle term meaning in General Dictionary

the word in a syllogism that is typical to both premises and omitted through the summary

middle term meaning in Law Dictionary

an expression used In reasoning to denote the term which does occur both in associated with premises in the syllogism, being the way of bringing together both terms when you look at the summary.

middle term meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Gr. mesos horos) this one associated with three terms in a syllogism which seems in both premisses; so named by Aristotle because in the first, or perfect, figure associated with syllogism it's frequently intermediate in extension involving the Major Term plus the small Term. See Aristotelianism; Major Term; Small Term. See Logic, formal, ยง 5. -- G.R.M.

Sentence Examples with the word middle term

The planets are near, and we know it by their not twinkling, 2 but science must conceive their nearness as the cause of their not twinkling and make the Arius in the real order the middle term of its syllogism.

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