What does meter mean?

meter meaning in General Dictionary

stamp with a meter indicating the postage

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  • measure with a meter
  • the basic unit of length followed under the Systeme International d'Unites (roughly 1.094 yards)
  • (prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse
  • rhythm as distributed by division into components of equal duration
  • some of different measuring instruments for measuring a quantity
  • A suffix denoting that in which anything is measured as barometer chronometer dynamometer
  • one that or that which metes or actions See coal-meter
  • A line above or below a hanging net to which the web is affixed so that you can enhance it
  • Rhythmical arrangement of syllables or words into passages stanzas strophes etc poetical measure dependent on number volume and accent of syllables rhythm measure verse also any certain rhythmical arrangements due to the fact Horatian meters a dactylic meter
  • One who, or what, metes or actions. See Coal-meter.
  • a musical instrument for calculating, and in most cases for recording automatically, the number assessed.
  • A line above or below a hanging internet, that the net is connected to be able to strengthen it.
  • Alt. of Metre

meter meaning in Law Dictionary

An Instrument of dimension; as a coal-meter, a gas-meter, a land- meter.

meter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition metre, "poetic measure," Old English meter "meter, versification," from Latin metrum, from Greek metron "meter, a verse; that in which any such thing is measured; measure, size, size, limitation, percentage," from PIE root *me- (2) "to measure" (see meter (n.2)). Perhaps reborrowed early 14c. (after a 300-year gap in recorded use) from Old French metre, with specific sense of "metrical plan in verse," from Latin metrum.

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  • in addition metre, device of length, 1797, from French m
  • "device for measuring," abstracted 1832 from gas-meter, etc., from French -m
  • "determine by means of a meter," 1884, from meter (n.3). Meaning "install parking meters" is from 1957.

meter meaning in Business Dictionary

Defined as the distance traveled by light during a time period of 1/(2.99792079 x 108) second. One meter equals about 1.1 yards, 3.3 foot, or 39.37 inches. Written additionally as metre.

meter meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Overseas standard of size measurement this is certainly approximately 39.37 inches. Under is all of the each of the meters and its equivalent.

meter - German to English

meter of water [Am.]

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  • metre of liquid [Br.]
  • foldable guideline
  • meter [Am.]
  • metre [Br.]
  • meter per second [Am.]
  • metre per second [Br.]
  • meters [Am.]
  • metres [Br.]
  • metres above sea level [Br.]
  • metres above sea level [official level in the uk]
  • meters over the water [Am.]
  • metres over the ocean [Br.]

meter meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A guitar for calculating, and often for recording instantly, the number assessed.

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  • (letter.) A line above or below a hanging internet, that the web is affixed in order to improve it.
  • (n.) Alt. of Metre

Sentence Examples with the word meter

C. Reed, American Meter Practice (New York, 1904); J.

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