What does mere mean?

mere meaning in General Dictionary

aside from whatever else; without additions or adjustments

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  • becoming nothing more than specified
  • a small pond of standing liquid
  • A combining kind meaning component section as blastomere epimere
  • A pool or pond
  • A boundary
  • To divide limit or bound
  • A mare
  • Unmixed pure entire absolute unqualified
  • A pool or lake.
  • A boundary.
  • To divide, limitation, or certain.
  • A mare.
  • Unmixed; pure; entire; absolute; unqualified.
  • Only this, and nothing else; such, and no more; simple; bare; since, a mere man; only kind.

mere meaning in Names Dictionary

Maori kind of Mary. Furthermore a club (tool).
Name Origin: Maori
Name Gender: Female

mere meaning in Law Dictionary

Sax. A marsh. Spelman.

mere meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "unmixed, pure," from Old French mier "pure" (of silver), "entire, total, complete," and directly from Latin merus "unmixed" (of wine), "pure; bare, nude;" figuratively "true, genuine, genuine," most likely originally "clear, bright," from PIE *mer- "to gleam, glimmer, sparkle" (cognates: Old English amerian "to purify," Old Irish emer "unclear," Sanskrit maricih "ray, ray," Greek marmarein "to gleam, glimmer"). Original sense of "nothing lower than, absolute" (mid-15c., now just in vestiges such mere folly) existed for years and years alongside reverse sense of "nothing over" (1580s, such as only fantasy).

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  • Old English mere "ocean, sea; pond, share, pond, cistern," from Proto-Germanic *mari (cognates: Old Norse marr, Old Saxon meri "ocean," center Dutch maer, Dutch meer "lake, sea, share," Old large German mari, German Meer "ocean," Gothic marei "sea," mari-saiws "lake"), from PIE *mori- "sea" (cognates: Latin mare, Old Church Slavonic morje, Russian much more, Lithuanian mares, Old Irish muir, Welsh mor "ocean," Gaulish Are-morici "people residing close to the sea").

mere - French to English


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  • surrogate mother

mere meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A pool or pond.

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  • (letter.) A boundary.
  • (v. t.) To divide, limitation, or certain.
  • (letter.) A mare.
  • (Superl.) Unmixed; pure; whole; absolute; unqualified.
  • (Superl.) Only this, and absolutely nothing else; these types of, with no more; simple; bare; since, a mere child; a mere kind.

Sentence Examples with the word mere

Secondly, it does not content itself with the mere formulae of thinking, but pushes forward to theories of method, knowledge and science; and it is a hopeful sign to find this epistemological spirit, to which England was accustomed by Mill, animating German logicians such as Lotze, Daring, Schuppe, Sigwart and Wundt.

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