What does meister mean?

meister meaning in General Dictionary

A suffix denoting master or professional specialist as with spinmeister or hypemeister

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  • master regarding the pen
  • master of prose
  • master of satire
  • master associated with violin
  • Master associated with the Housebook
  • Master E. S.
  • middleweight champ
  • champion
  • broad jump winner [Am.]
  • broad-jump champ [Am.] [coll.]
  • long jump champion
  • lengthy jump champ [coll.]
  • master of their trade
  • master of their business
  • master
  • gaffer [Br.] [coll.]
  • manager
  • adept [archaic]
  • master-mason
  • adept
  • buster [coll.] [dated]
  • foreman
  • foremen
  • masters

Sentence Examples with the word meister

Martensen, Meister Eckhart (1842); J.

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