What does mediocrity mean?

mediocrity meaning in General Dictionary

you of second-rate ability or value

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  • ordinariness as a consequence of becoming normal rather than outstanding
  • the grade of being mediocre; a middle state or level; a modest level or price.
  • Moderation; temperance.

mediocrity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "moderation; intermediate condition or amount," from center French m

mediocrity meaning in Business Dictionary

Being normal and ordinary. "Jane would not be satisfied with mediocrity; she worked the woman hardest to perform her work ahead of time, and always achieve superiority, so she would be observed as an above-average employee."

mediocrity meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The caliber of being mediocre; a middle condition or degree; a moderate level or price.

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  • (n.) Moderation; temperance.

Sentence Examples with the word mediocrity

Although careful and industrious, Addington had no brilliant qualities, and his mediocrity afforded opportunity for attack by his enemies.

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