What does maturity mean?

maturity meaning in General Dictionary

the time upon which an obligation must be repaid

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  • the time scale of the time that you experienced after your physical growth features stopped and you are fully developed
  • state of being mature; full development
  • The state or top-notch becoming mature; ripeness; full development; because, the readiness of corn or of grass; maturity of judgment; the maturity of a plan.
  • Arrival of that time fixed for payment; a becoming because of; termination associated with period a note, etc., must run.

maturity meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. 1) the day once the payment for the principal balance under the terms of a promissory note or costs of trade becomes due. Very often an email says that failure to cover interest or payments whenever because of "accelerates" the note, making the "maturity day" instant if these types of repayments tend to be required rather than paid. 2) the age whenever one becomes a grownup, which is 18 for many purposes.

maturity meaning in Insurance Dictionary

The time period, frequently expressed in months, because the beginning of an incident year. This steps the age of improvement a body of losses.

maturity meaning in Finance Dictionary

The length of time between your issue of a security plus the time by which it becomes payable. Occasionally additionally the administrative centre payment time of a bond. Most bonds are given with fixed payment dates but some, called irredeemables or perpetuals, are not. May relate to the termination of the definition of of an endowment assurance plan.

maturity meaning in Law Dictionary

In mercantile law. The time when a bill of trade or promissory note becomes because of. Story, Bills, f 329. Gilbert v. Sprague, 88 111. App. 508; Wheeless ?. Williams, 62 Skip. 371, 52 Am. Rep. 190

maturity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "maturity of character;" mid-15c., "ripeness," from center French maturit

maturity meaning in Business Dictionary

time for you completion of a project or program, or the duration for which a contractual arrangement, monetary instrument, guaranty, insurance policy, loan, or provide is issued or is in force.

maturity meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Their state or quality of becoming mature; ripeness; complete development; because, the maturity of corn or of lawn; readiness of judgment; the readiness of a plan.

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  • (letter.) Arrival of the time fixed for repayment; a becoming due; termination associated with duration an email, etc., needs to run.

Sentence Examples with the word maturity

The walls of the cells are frequently absorbed, so that when the anther attains maturity the fibres are alone left, and these by their elasticity assist in discharging the pollen.

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