What does lyrical mean?

lyrical meaning in General Dictionary

revealing deep emotion

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  • ideal for or suggestive of singing
  • Of or pertaining to a lyre or harp.
  • Fitted to be sung to your lyre; therefore, in addition, appropriate for song; -- said especially of poetry which expresses the in-patient thoughts of the poet.

lyrical meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from lyric (n.) + -al (1). Associated: Lyrically.

lyrical meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or with respect to a lyre or harp.

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  • (a.) suited to be sung into the lyre; for this reason, in addition, suitable for tune; -- said specifically of poetry which conveys the in-patient feelings of poet.

Sentence Examples with the word lyrical

C.) HALLGRIMSSON, JONAS (1807-1844), the chief lyrical poet of Iceland, was born in 1807 at Steinsstaoir in Eyjafjaroarsysla in the north of that island, and educated at the famous school of Bessastaor.

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