What does losses incurred mean?

losses incurred meaning in Law Dictionary

1. In Insurance this is actually the total of income lost. Its by policy payout, usually claimed by duration. 2. In General business, this takes place whenever overhead expenses exceeds earnings.

losses incurred meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Insurance coverage: The amount of money lost during a specified time period. An insurance policy holder can obtain repayment for losings sustained through the protection of his plan. 2. General business: a loss that will occur as a result of overhead costs exceeding income from product sales of product.

losses incurred meaning in Insurance Dictionary

The total amount of losings sustained during certain time frame which can be paid and outstanding but reserved.

Sentence Examples with the word losses incurred

After a brief period of prosperity, the Arabi rising, the riots at Alexandria, and the events generally which led to the British occupation of Egypt in 1882, followed by the losses incurred in the Sudan in the effort to prevent it falling into the hands of the Mahdi, brought Egypt once more to the verge of financial disaster.

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