What does lodestone mean?

lodestone meaning in General Dictionary

just like Loadstone

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  • a permanent magnet comprising magnetite that have polarity and has now the ability to attract plus become attracted magnetically
  • A piece of magnetized iron-ore possessing polarity like a magnetized needle. See Magnetite.
  • identical to Loadstone.

lodestone meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"magnetically polarized oxide of iron," 1510s, actually "way-stone," from lode + rock (n.). So named as it had been used to make compass magnets to guide mariners. Figurative use from 1570s.

lodestone meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) identical to Loadstone.

Sentence Examples with the word lodestone

The greatest of Gilbert's discoveries was that the globe of the earth was magnetic and a magnet; the evidence by which he supported this view was derived chiefly from ingenious experiments made with a spherical lodestone or lerrella, as he termed it, and from his original observation that an iron bar could be magnetized by the earth's force.

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