What does lining mean?

lining meaning in General Dictionary

The act of one who lines the act or process of making lines or of inserting a lining

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  • a safety covering that protects an internal surface
  • supplying something with an area of a different material
  • a piece of fabric which is used due to the fact inside surface of a garment
  • the work of attaching an internal lining (to an apparel or curtain etc.)
  • of Line
  • The work of 1 which outlines; the act or means of making lines, or of placing a lining.
  • what covers the inner area of something, since a garment or a box; also, the articles of any such thing.

lining meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"stuff with which garments are lined," belated 14c., from present participle of center English linen "to line" (see line (v.1)).

lining meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Line

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  • (letter.) The act of just one which lines; the work or process of making outlines, or of inserting a lining.
  • (letter.) What addresses the inner area of something, at the time of a garment or a box; additionally, the articles of such a thing.

Sentence Examples with the word lining

She thought she saw the glint of weapons lining his trench.

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