What does ling mean?

ling meaning in General Dictionary

Heather Calluna vulgaris

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  • A large marine gadoid fish Molva vulgaris of Northern Europe and Greenland It is valued as a food fish and is largely salted and dried Called also drizzle
  • An adverbial suffix as darkling flatling
  • A noun suffix commonly having a diminutive or a depreciatory force as in duckling gosling hireling fosterling firstling underling
  • liquid chestnut whoever spiny fresh fruit has actually two as opposed to 4 prongs
  • common Old World heath represented by many varieties; reduced evergreen grown commonly in the northern hemisphere
  • elongated marine food seafood of Greenland and north Europe; often salted and dried
  • American hakes
  • elongate freshwater cod of north Europe and Asia and united states having barbels around its mouth
  • A large, marine, gadoid seafood (Molva vulgaris) of Northern Europe and Greenland. It really is appreciated as a meals seafood and is mostly salted and dried. Called in addition drizzle.
  • The burbot of Lake Ontario.
  • an American hake associated with genus Phycis.
  • A unique Zealand meals seafood for the genus Genypterus. Title is in addition in your area placed on other fishes, given that cultus-cod, the mutton fish, and also the cobia.
  • Heather (Calluna vulgaris).

ling meaning in Etymology Dictionary

lengthy, thin seafood, c.1300, typical Germanic, cognate with Dutch leng, German Leng, Old Norse langa, probably in the end associated with long (adj.).

ling meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) A large, marine, gadoid fish (Molva vulgaris) of Northern European countries and Greenland. It's valued as a food fish and is mainly salted and dried. Known as additionally drizzle.

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  • (a.) The burbot of Lake Ontario.
  • (a.) An American hake for the genus Phycis.
  • (a.) A fresh Zealand food fish associated with genus Genypterus. The name is also in your area put on other fishes, as cultus-cod, the mutton fish, while the cobia.
  • (n.) Heather (Calluna vulgaris).

Sentence Examples with the word ling

The cod, ling and herring fisheries are important, and the coasts abound with shell-fish, especially cockles, for which it has always been famous.

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