What does levator mean?

levator meaning in General Dictionary

A muscle that serves to raise some part as the lip or the eyelid

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  • a muscle that acts to lift some one component (while the eyelid or lip)
  • A muscle that serves to improve some part, once the lip or the eyelid.
  • A surgical tool familiar with boost a depressed element of the head.

levator meaning in Etymology Dictionary

from health Latin levator "a lifter," from Latin levatus, previous participle of levare "to raise" (see lever).

levator meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A muscle that acts to increase some component, as lip or the eyelid.

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  • (n.) A surgical tool accustomed raise a depressed the main skull.

Sentence Examples with the word levator

In the anterior part of the gland are seen bundles of striped muscle fibres, which are of interest when the comparative ana Ampulla of vas deferens tomy of the gland Cut end of great sacrois studied: they are 1 sciatic ligament Common ejaculatory duct Levator ani than in old prostates.

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