What does let mean?

let meaning in General Dictionary

To forbear

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  • to go out of to relinquish to abandon
  • A retarding hindrance obstacle impediment delay common in the phrase without let or hindrance but elsewhere archaic
  • To retard to impede to hinder to oppose
  • A noun suffix having a diminutive force as in streamlet wavelet armlet
  • grant use or occupation of under a term of contract
  • make it possible through a certain activity or decreased action for anything to take place
  • actively trigger some thing to happen
  • consent to, provide authorization
  • leave unchanged
  • cause to move; reason enough to be in a particular position or condition
  • an intense terrorist team active in Kashmir; battles against Asia utilizing the goal of rebuilding Islamic guideline of Asia
  • a serve that strikes the web before falling into the receiver's judge; the ball needs to be served again
  • To retard; to impede; to impede; to oppose.
  • A retarding; hindrance; hurdle; impediment; delay; -- typical in the term without let or hindrance, but somewhere else archaic.
  • a stroke where a baseball touches the top the internet in passing over.
  • of Let
  • to go out of; to relinquish; to abandon.
  • To consider; to imagine; to esteem.
  • resulting in; to create; -- used in combination with the infinitive when you look at the energetic kind however in the passive sense; since, let make, i. e., reason enough to be made; allow deliver, i. e., reason to be brought.
  • To permit; allowing; to experience; -- either affirmatively, by positive work, or negatively, by neglecting to restrain or avoid.
  • To allow to be utilized or occupied for a settlement; to rent; to hire; to hire aside; -- usually devoid of; since, to allow a farm; to allow a home; to allow on ponies.
  • To give, grant, or assign, as a work, privilege, or contract; -- often without having; as, to let the building of a connection; to let out the lathing therefore the plastering.
  • To forbear.
  • to-be let or rented; as, the farm allows for $500 a-year. See note under allow, v. t.

let meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. 1) to permit or allow. This will be distinguished from "against your might." The phrase can be very important lawfully, as with the statement "Lucy allow Johnny have sexual relations with her," that make a large difference between a claim of rape. 2) to lease or lease genuine home, especially a space or apartment, to some other individual.

let meaning in Law Dictionary

Rent real-estate to a tenant. Contrast to subletting. Right here the tenant rents the property to a new tenant.

let meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English l

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  • "stoppage, obstruction" (obsolete unless in legal contracts), late 12c., from archaic verb letten "to hinder," from Old English lettan "hinder, delay," from Proto-Germanic *latjan (cognates: Old Saxon lettian "to hinder," Old Norse letja "to hold back," Old High German lezzen "to stop, check," Gothic latjan "to hinder, make late," Old English l

let meaning in Sports Dictionary

An undecided point that's replayed. Rallies tend to be replayed when a striker strikes the ball in a manner that doesn't ensure the protection of his opponent; a person is sidetracked by an rence off the courtroom; the receiver is certainly not prepared for the serve and doesn't attempt to return serve; the basketball pauses during play; or court problems affect play. A let is also offered if a player cannot get to the ball beacause of obstruction, or he fears for the safety of his adversary if he tries to strike the basketball. (sport: Squash)

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  • the word utilized when a place is replayed, while the way in which a person can get recompense for a fault or unjust behavior from an opposing player. These situations include: stopping a player from gaining an obvious view or having to be able to hit or achieve the ball; in the event that ball touches another baseball; if a person is prevented from touching the baseball due to either being blocked or through anxiety about injury to himself or even the resistance. (recreation: Rackets)
  • A call that halts perform whenever: a shuttle is suspended on the top regarding the net, passes the net and becomes caught on the reverse side of the web; a player touches the web or articles with his racket, garments or any section of their human anatomy; a person features his racket or any part of their human anatomy within the net, or obstructs an opponent's stroke. (sport: Badminton)
  • Called when it is evaluated the point should be played once more. This really is most often known as on a serve if baseball strikes the web but lands inside the appropriate solution judge. (sport: Tennis)
  • A rally between your players that no points could be scored. This can be as a result of a variety of situations, but it will likely be to the umpire's discretion to phone a let when he views fit. (recreation: Table Tennis)

let meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To retard; to impede; to hinder; to oppose.

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  • (letter.) A retarding; barrier; obstacle; obstacle; delay; -- typical into the term without let or barrier, but elsewhere archaic.
  • (letter.) A stroke by which a ball touches the top of the net in driving over.
  • (imp. & p. p.) of allow
  • (v. t.) To go out of; to relinquish; to abandon.
  • (v. t.) To think about; to think; to esteem.
  • (v. t.) To cause; to make; -- combined with the infinitive within the energetic form however in the passive good sense; since, allow make, i. e., reason to be made; let deliver, i. e., cause to be brought.
  • (v. t.) Allowing; to allow; to suffer; -- either affirmatively, by good work, or adversely, by neglecting to restrain or prevent.
  • (v. t.) Allowing to be used or occupied for a compensation; to lease; to hire; to hire away; -- usually with out; because, to let a farm; to allow a residence; to let on ponies.
  • (v. t.) To provide, grant, or assign, as a-work, privilege, or contract; -- usually without having; because, to allow the building of a bridge; to allow from lathing plus the plastering.
  • (v. i.) To forbear.

Sentence Examples with the word let

I see how human ingenuity and new technologies have eliminated previously insoluble problems once we stand back and let free markets do what they do best: direct the allocation of capital to find a solution.

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