What does left wing mean?

left wing meaning in General Dictionary

Those trying to reform the established order particularly in political matters to enhance the condition of the common people sometimes applied to those advocating overthrow of an existing government by radical means

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  • Of or regarding the political left or its ideology
  • those that help varying levels of personal or governmental or economic modification made to promote the public welfare

left wing meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also (as an adjective) left-wing, 1871 in the political feeling (1530s in a military formation feeling), from remaining (adj.) + wing (n.). Relevant: Left-winger.

left wing meaning in Sports Dictionary

Is the forward player posi tioned on the left part. (sport: Ice Hockey)

Sentence Examples with the word left wing

Of this army, however, one division only was involved in the frontal fight, and it became evident to the Turks in the afternoon of the 30th that enough enemy forces remained over to roll up their left wing and interpose between the main body and Constantinople.

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