What does leading mean?

leading meaning in General Dictionary

The act of leading directing governing or tempting assistance

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  • Guiding directing controlling foremost as a leading motive a leading man a leading example
  • best in importance or degree or importance or accomplishment
  • having the leading position or maybe more score in a contest
  • suggesting the main performer or role
  • going or continuing or planning advance; showing the way in which
  • the game of leading
  • thin strip of metal familiar with split outlines of type in printing
  • of Lead
  • Guiding; directing; controlling; foremost; as, a leading motive; a number one man; a prominent example.
  • The work of directing, directing, governing, or enticing; assistance.
  • Suggestion; sign; instance.

leading meaning in Legal Dictionary

1) v. quick for "leading the witness," in which the attorney during an effort or deposition asks concerns in a questionnaire by which she or he sets terms within the lips of the experience or proposes the clear answer. Leading is improper if the attorney is questioning a witness called by that attorney and apparently friendly towards lawyer's region of the instance. Therefore, the opposing attorney will object that a concern is "leading," and when so that the judge will maintain (uphold) the objection and prohibit issue for the reason that kind. However, leading concerns tend to be permissible in cross-examination of a witness known as by the various other celebration or if the witness is found become aggressive or negative towards place of this lawyer conducting the questioning. 2) adj. talking about a question asked of a witness which implies the clear answer.

leading meaning in Law Dictionary

Spacing between lines of text as a vertical quantity. .

leading meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"lead work; lead covering or framework of lead," mid-15c., from lead (n.1).

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  • mid-13c., "a bringing by power," from current participle of lead (v.1). Meaning "direction, assistance" is from belated 14c. As an adjective, "directing, guiding."

leading meaning in Business Dictionary

the quantity of straight room between lines of text. 'Leading' originates from the metal-type era whenever typesetters inserted slim pieces of lead (each one of these point dense) to boost the spacing between outlines, for legibility or stylistic results. Lines of regular text without leading are considered set solid, and usually give a dense and dark look towards text block. Bad leading relates to significantly less than typical spacing and is used to achieve dramatic visual impact in headlines, adverts, posters, etc. In desktop computer publishing age, leading manipulation is accomplished through pagemaking pc software particularly Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, or Quark'Xpress.

leading meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

as an alternative referred to as range spacing, leading may be the space between outlines decided by measuring the length from the baseline of 1 line of text to some other baseline associated with distinct text above or below it.

leading meaning in Insurance Dictionary

Guiding, leading, and encouraging other people to accomplish plans. It's among four features of the administration procedure. See in addition Threat administration process.

leading - German to English

leading [chromatography]

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  • leading [distance between baselines of successive lines of text]

leading meaning in Body Language Dictionary

a procedure whereby you were artificially induced to reflect, or match actions in another.  The technique involves matching human anatomy motions such as for example hand motions and leg postures, facial phrase, breathing, vocals and blinking an additional person, after that out of the blue moving regarding sync to pull a target into following your lead.

leading meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of contribute

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  • (a.) Guiding; directing; controlling; foremost; because, a leading motive; a leading man; a leading example.
  • (letter.) The work of directing, directing, governing, or enticing; guidance.
  • (letter.) Suggestion; hint; example.

Sentence Examples with the word leading

Then all these Westphalians and Hessians whom Napoleon is leading would not follow him into Russia, and we should not go to fight in Austria and Prussia without knowing why.

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