What does lager mean?

lager meaning in General Dictionary

Lager beer

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  • a general term for alcohol made with bottom fermenting yeast (usually by decoction mashing); originally it had been brewed in March or April and matured until September
  • a camp defended by a circular development of wagons
  • Lager beer.

lager meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1858, United states English, short for lager alcohol (1845), from German Lagerbier "beer brewed for maintaining" some months before becoming intoxicated, from Lager "storehouse" (see lair) + Bier "beer."

lager - German to English


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  • spare parts depot
  • lager
  • hutment
  • camp
  • encampment
  • lair
  • camp [fig.]
  • substance
  • faction
  • storehouse
  • warehouse
  • storage place
  • deposit
  • bed
  • stock
  • shop [storing place]
  • bearing
  • camps
  • encampments
  • storehouses
  • shops [stocks]

lager meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) beer.

Sentence Examples with the word lager

It is also used for preparing shoemaker's wax, as a flux for soldering metals, for pitching lager beer casks, for rosining the bows of musical instruments and numerous minor purposes.

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