What does kin mean?

kin meaning in General Dictionary

Of the same nature or type kinder

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  • The unit velocity in the C G S system a velocity of one centimeter per second
  • commitment consanguinity or affinity connection by delivery or marriage kindred near link or alliance at the time of those having common descent
  • A diminutive suffix as manikin lambkin
  • A primitive Chinese instrument associated with cittern kind with from five to twenty five silken strings
  • related by bloodstream
  • one having kinship with another or other individuals
  • group of people related by bloodstream or marriage
  • A diminutive suffix; because, manikin; lambkin.
  • A primitive Chinese instrument regarding the cittern kind, with from five to twenty-five silken strings.
  • commitment, consanguinity, or affinity; link by delivery or wedding; kindred; near link or alliance, since those having typical descent.
  • family members; individuals of the identical family members or battle.
  • of the identical nature or type; kinder.

kin meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. bloodstream general.

kin meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Japanese
Name Gender: Male

kin meaning in Law Dictionary

Relation or commitment by blood or consanguinity. "The nearness of kin is com- puted in line with the civil-law." 2 Kent, Comm. 413. See Keniston v. Mayhew, 169 Mass. 160, 47 N. E. 612; Hibbard v. Odell, 16 Wis. 635; Lusby v. Cobb, 80 skip. 715, 32 Southern. 6. As to "next of kin," see FOLLOWING.

kin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, from Old English cynn "family; race; kind, sort, rank; nature; sex, intercourse," from Proto-Germanic *kunjam "family" (cognates: Old Frisian kenn, Old Saxon kunni, Old Norse kyn, Old tall German chunni "kin, battle;" Danish and Swedish k

kin meaning in General Dictionary

A diminutive suffix; as, manikin; lambkin.

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  • (n.) A primitive Chinese tool for the cittern sort, with from five to twenty-five silken strings.
  • (n.) commitment, consanguinity, or affinity; link by birth or marriage; kindred; near connection or alliance, at the time of those having typical lineage.
  • (letter.) Relatives; people of the same family members or race.
  • (a.) Of the identical nature or sort; kinder.

Sentence Examples with the word kin

He had against him, not merely England, but the kith and kin of Comyn, including the potent clan of MacDowall or MacDougall in Galloway and Lorne; on his own side he had his kinship, broken men, and the clergy of Scotland.

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