What does ist mean?

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A contraction of is it

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  • A noun suffix denoting an agent or doer one who practices a believer in as theorist one who theorizes socialist one who holds to socialism sensualist one given to sensuality

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Sentence Examples with the word ist

The relative sizes of these mountains have assigned to them their definite correlations with characters: the ist with charity, love, libertinage; the and with religiosity, ambition, love of honour, pride, superstition; the 3rd with wisdom, good fortune, prudence, or when deficient improvidence, ignorance, failure; the 4th when large makes for success, celebrity, intelligence, audacity, when small meanness or love of obscurity; the 5th indicates love of knowledge, industry, aptitude for commerce, and in its extreme forms on the one hand love of gain and dishonesty, on the other slackness and laziness.

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