What does isochronous mean?

isochronous meaning in General Dictionary

Same as Isochronal

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  • equal in extent or interval
  • Same as Isochronal.

isochronous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1706, with suffix -ous, from contemporary Latin isochronus, from Greek isokhronos "equal with time," from iso- "equal" (see iso-) + khronos "time" (see chrono-). Previously in exact same good sense had been isochronal (1670s).

isochronous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) identical to Isochronal.

Sentence Examples with the word isochronous

As an additional claim to remembrance, he was the first to solve Leibnitz's problem of the isochronous curve (Acta Eruditorum, 1690).

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