What does ish mean?

ish meaning in General Dictionary

A verb ending originally appearing in certain verbs of French origin as abolish cherish finish furnish garnish impoverish

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  • A suffix always from adjectives from nouns and from adjectives It denotes connection resemblance similarity and sometimes has a diminutive power as selfish boyish brutish whitish significantly white

ish meaning in Law Dictionary

In Scotch law. The time regarding the cancellation of a tack or rent. 1 Bligh, 522.

Sentence Examples with the word ish

Under Turkish protection, he visited the territory of the Hashid and Bakil tribes north-east of Sana, and though their hostile attitude compelled him to return after reaching their first important town, Khamr, he had time to reconnoitre the plateau lying between the two great wadis Kharid and Hirran, formerly covered with Himyaritic towns and villages; and to trace the course of these wadis to their junction at El Ish in the Dhu Husen country, and thence onward to the Jauf.

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