What does ion mean?

ion meaning in General Dictionary

an atom or goup of atoms radical carrying an electrical charge It is contrasted with neutral atoms or molecules and free radicals Certain compounds such as sodium chloride are composed of complementary ions in the solid crystalline as well as in solution Others notably acids such as hydrogen chloride may occur as neutral molecules in the pure liquid or gas forms and ionize almost completely in dilute aqueous solutions In solutions as in water ions are frequently bound non covalently with the molecules of solvent and in that case are said to be solvated According to the electrolytic dissociation theory the molecules of electrolytes are divided into ions by water and other solvents An ion consists of one or more atoms and carries one unit charges of electricity 34 x 10 10 electrostatic units or a multiple of this Those which are positively electrified hydrogen and the metals are called cations negative ions hydroxyl and acidic atoms or groups are called anions

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  • A noun suffix denoting act procedure results of a work or an activity thing applied condition or condition as change the act or procedure of revolving construction the act or procedure of constructing anything constructed dominion territory ruled over subjection condition of being topic dejection abstraction
  • a particle this is certainly electrically charged (positive or unfavorable); an atom or molecule or group that features lost or gained more than one electrons
  • among elements which look on particular poles whenever a human body is subjected to electro-chemical decomposition. Cf. Anion, Cation.

ion meaning in Names Dictionary

Moon manm.
Name Origin: Celtic
Name Gender: Male

ion meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1834, introduced by English physicist and chemist Michael Faraday (suggested because of the Rev. William Whewell, English polymath), coined from Greek ion, neuter present participle of ienai "go," from PIE root *ei- (1) "to go, to go" (cognates: Greek eimi "I-go;" Latin ire "to go," iter "a means;" Old Irish ethaim "I-go;" Irish bothar "a road" (from *bou-itro- "cows' means"), Gaulish eimu "we go," Gothic iddja "went," Sanskrit e'ti "goes," imas "we go," ayanam "a going, way;" Avestan ae'iti "goes;" Old Persian aitiy "goes;" Lithuanian eiti "to go;" Old Church Slavonic iti "go;" Bulgarian ida "I go;" Russian idti "to go"). So named because ions move toward the electrode of reverse cost.

ion meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

An atom which includes a positive or negative fee

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ion meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

An atom or several atoms that carries an electric cost.

ion meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Among the elements which appear at the particular poles whenever a body is subjected to electro-chemical decomposition. Cf. Anion, Cation.

Sentence Examples with the word ion

It is apparent that metallic salts of organic acids would, in aqueous solution, be ionized, the positive ion being the metal, and the negative ion the acid residue.

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