What does intermediary mean?

intermediary meaning in General Dictionary

one that or whatever is advanced an interagent a spin between a mediator

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  • Lying coming or done between intermediate as an intermediary project
  • a negotiator just who acts as a link between parties
  • Lying, coming, or done, between; intermediate; as, an intermediary project.
  • a person who, or that which, is intermediate; an interagent; a go-between.

intermediary meaning in Finance Dictionary

a realtor, broker or lender that may provide advice and work as a middle individual between a business and a customer performing financial investment company.

intermediary meaning in Law Dictionary

In contemporary civil-law. A broker; a person who is utilized to negotiate a matter between two parties, and who for that reason is recognized as the mandatary (agent) of both. Civ. Code Los Angeles. 1900, art. 3010.

intermediary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1788 (adj.); 1791 (n.), from French interm

intermediary meaning in Insurance Dictionary

A reinsurance agent which negotiates agreements of reinsurance on the part of the reinsured, typically with those reinsurers that know brokers and pay them commissions on reinsurance premiums ceded. The intermediary also will act as a conduit through which communications amongst the insurer and reinsurer are passed, including the payment of premiums because of the reinsured towards the reinsurer and collection of losses for reinsured from the reinsurer.

intermediary meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Lying, coming, or done, between; intermediate; since, an intermediary project.

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  • (n.) One that, or that which, is advanced; an interagent; a go-between.

Sentence Examples with the word intermediary

The Total in Reichskanzler is the sole responsible official, In the Pacific and conducts all the affairs of the empire, with German New G the exception of such as arc of a purely military Bismarck Archrj character, anti is the intermediary between the Caroline, Pelewa emperor, the Bundesrat and the Reichstag.

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