What does interlocutory decree mean?

interlocutory decree meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a courtroom wisdom which can be short-term and not intended to be last until either a) various other issues come ahead of the judge, or b) there is certainly a certain duration of time to ascertain in the event that interlocutory decree (judgment) is "working" (becomes accepted by both events) and may come to be final. Interlocutory decrees were most often used in divorce or separation activities, where the regards to the divorce proceedings were claimed in an interlocutory decree, which may be in power until a final decree might be awarded over time of time (including 12 months after providing the divorce or separation petition). The idea had been that would provide for a period which reconciliation might be feasible and would also test the effectiveness of the initial order which can be changed upon a motion of either party. Interlocutory decrees of divorce or separation being abandoned as a procedure in many states, because they rarely had the required result and seemed to waste the parties' time.

interlocutory decree meaning in Law Dictionary

the definition of directed at a temporary determination or judgement which created before or during dedication.

Sentence Examples with the word interlocutory decree

An interlocutory decree is entered which becomes absolute at the end of six months, unless appeal is entered.

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