What does insolvent mean?

insolvent meaning in General Dictionary

One who is insolvent as insolvent debtor in England before 1861 especially applied to persons not traders

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  • Not solvent lacking adequate estate to pay people debts unable to pay people debts because they fall due when you look at the ordinary course of trade and company such as insolvent debtor
  • somebody who has inadequate assets to cover their particular debts
  • unable to meet or discharge financial obligations
  • maybe not solvent; not having sufficient estate to pay for a person's debts; incapable of pay a person's debts while they fall because of, into the ordinary length of trade and business; because, in insolvent debtor.
  • Not adequate to pay all debts of this owner; since, an insolvent estate.
  • concerning individuals unable to pay their debts.
  • a person who is insolvent; as insolvent debtor; -- in The united kingdomt, before 1861, particularly put on persons not dealers.

insolvent meaning in Law Dictionary

One who cannot or doesn't pay; one that is not able to spend his debts; person who is not solvent; one that hasn't means or home enough to cover their debts. See INSOLVENCY.

insolvent meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "unable to pay for your debts," from in- (1) "not" + Latin solventem "paying" (see solvent). Initially of 1 who had been perhaps not a trader; only traders could become broke.

insolvent - German to English


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  • insolvent

insolvent meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Not solvent; without having sufficient estate to pay a person's debts; unable to spend an individual's debts as they fall due, in ordinary length of trade and company; since, in insolvent debtor.

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  • (a.) Perhaps not sufficient to pay for all the debts of the owner; since, an insolvent property.
  • (a.) associated with persons not able to spend their particular debts.
  • (n.) A person who is insolvent; as insolvent debtor; -- in England, before 1861, specially applied to people maybe not dealers.

Sentence Examples with the word insolvent

Freemen, through indigence, sometimes sold themselves, and at Athens, up to the time of Solon, an insolvent debtor became the slave of his creditor.

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