What does insectivore mean?

insectivore meaning in General Dictionary

One of the Insectivora

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  • little insect-eating primarily nocturnal terrestrial or fossorial mammals
  • any organism that feeds mainly on bugs
  • one of several Insectivora.

insectivore meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1863, from French insectivore (1817), from Latin insectivorus, from comb. form of insectum (see pest) + vorare "devour, swallow" (see voracity).

insectivore meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One of several Insectivora.

Sentence Examples with the word insectivore

Thus Huxley, with true prophetic instinct, found that the sum of primitive characters of all the higher placental mammals points to a stem form of a generalized insectivore type, a prophecy which has been fully confirmed by the latest research.

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