What does inconsequent mean?

inconsequent meaning in General Dictionary

Not following from the premises not regularly inferred invalid not characterized by logical method illogical arbitrary inconsistent of no consequence

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  • lacking well worth or value
  • perhaps not after through the premises; perhaps not on a regular basis inferred; invalid; perhaps not described as reasonable method; irrational; arbitrary; inconsistent; of no outcome.

inconsequent meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "not following as a logical summary," from Latin inconsequentem (nominative inconsequens) "maybe not logically connected," from in- "not, opposing of, without" (see in- (1)) + consequens, previous participle of consequi "to follow" (see consequence).

inconsequent meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Perhaps not following from the premises; maybe not regularly inferred; invalid; maybe not characterized by reasonable method; irrational; arbitrary; contradictory; of no consequence.

Sentence Examples with the word inconsequent

Peter, in fact, was too good-natured and inconsequent to pursue, or even premeditate, any deliberate course of ill treatment.

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