What does inapplicable mean?

inapplicable meaning in General Dictionary

Not relevant incapable of being used perhaps not adapted not ideal as the debate is inapplicable toward situation

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  • unable to be used
  • perhaps not appropriate; incapable of becoming used; maybe not adapted; perhaps not ideal; as, the debate is inapplicable to the case.

inapplicable meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from in- (1) "not, reverse of" + relevant. Related: Inapplicably; inapplicability.

inapplicable meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Not relevant; incapable of becoming applied; not adapted; maybe not ideal; as, the argument is inapplicable towards instance.

Sentence Examples with the word inapplicable

We learn also that on account of the variation of g with the locality a gravitational system of force-measurement is inapplicable when more than a moderate degree of accuracy is desired.

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