What does in law mean?

in law meaning in General Dictionary

A suffix meaning through marriage See in law

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  • A person who is relevant by marriage as distinguished from a bloodstream relative esp mother in law the mother of people spouse father in law the daddy of people spouse brother-in-law the sibling of people spouse or husband of people spouses sister sister-in-law the sister of people spouse or wife of ones spouses brother

in law meaning in Law Dictionary

when you look at the intendment, contemplation. or inference of this law; suggested orinferred for legal reasons; existing in law or by power of legislation. See ACTUALLY.

Sentence Examples with the word in law

The basis of the new system, which was almost entirely Field's work, was the abolition of the existing distinction in forms of procedure between suits in law and equity requiring separate actions, and their unification and simplification in a single action.

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