What does ics mean?

ics meaning in General Dictionary

A suffix used in creating the names of certain sciences methods an such like as acoustics mathematics dynamics data politics athletics

ics meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

brief for web connection posting, ICS was created by Microsoft and was initially within Microsoft Windows 98 SE. ICS enables people to put together some type of computer utilizing Windows 98 SE or later Microsoft os's as a server for Internet sharing.

ics meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

means "Internet Connection Sharing." ICS permits multiple computers for connecting into online utilising the same net connection and internet protocol address. For instance, a number of computers in a family group can connect to same cable or DSL modem using a router. So long as the router is attached to the modem, every computer system attached to the router normally attached to the online. System target translation (NAT) enables the computers to share with you equivalent IP address. ICS could be done using pc software. House windows 98 and later, plus Mac OS X, assistance Internet connection sharing. This allows one system's network settings is altered, turning the pc into a gateway. Various other computer systems for a passing fancy network can then make use of that computer system's Internet connection. Windows people can also utilize programs particularly WinGate and WinProxy to ultimately achieve the same result. Even though it is possible to generally share an Internet connection utilizing software, utilizing equipment (such as for instance a router) for ICS could be the easiest & most hassle-free option.