What does ic mean?

ic meaning in General Dictionary

A suffix signifying in general regarding or characteristic of as historical hygienic telegraphic etc

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  • becoming one under one hundred and nine significantly more than ninety
  • a small grouping of government companies and organizations that complete cleverness activities for the US federal government; headed because of the Director of Central Intelligence

ic meaning in Dream Dictionary

Ice is frozen liquid and so dreaming of ice symbolizes frozen emotions, your feelings never have altered towards something or some body.

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  • Dreaming of walking on ice means you are in control of your feelings but you think any time you are going to fall in. It could also signify you will be emotionally stable currently. You need to be careful and never in which your emotions in your sleeve.
  • If ice is falling for you then you are having an emotional attack. In the event that you fall on ice then you are experiencing a decreased confidence amount.
  • : an imagine icing signifies your mindset and how to portray your self, you seem to be succeeding on the exterior however when men and women become familiar with you, they know some thing is wrong. However, it may just mean that you have very nearly achieved for which you desire to be in life and you're simply incorporating the finishing touches.

ic meaning in Chat Slang Dictionary

I see

Sentence Examples with the word ic

Gordan has also shown that the vanishing of the Hessian of the binary n ic is the necessary and sufficient condition to ensure the form being a perfect n th power.

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