What does humanism mean?

humanism meaning in General Dictionary

Human nature or disposition humanity

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  • the cultural motion of this Renaissance; according to ancient scientific studies
  • the doctrine that individuals's responsibility will be market real human benefit
  • the doctrine emphasizing a person's convenience of self-realization through reason; rejects religion together with supernatural
  • human instinct or disposition; mankind.
  • the research associated with humanities; courteous learning.

humanism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

along side humanist utilized in a number of philosophical and theological senses 16c.-18c., specifically ones imitating Latin humanitas "education befitting a cultivated guy." See real human + -ism. Main modern-day good sense in reference to revival of great interest within the Classics traces to c.1860; as a pragmatic system of thought, defined 1907 by co-founder F.C.S. Schiller as: "The perception that philosophical issue concerns humans striving to comprehend an environment of peoples knowledge by the sourced elements of human thoughts."

humanism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. humanus, individual) Any view in which fascination with personal welfare is central. Renaissance revival of traditional discovering in place of merely ecclesiastical studies. an ethical and religious activity culminating in Auguste Comte's "Worship of Humanity," better known as Humanitarianism. Philosophical motion represented by F. C. S. Schiller in The united kingdomt, better-known as Pragmatism. See Pragmatism. Literary Humanism, movement led in the us by Irving Babbit, Paul Elmer much more, Norman Foerster protesting against extreme focus on vocational education and suggesting go back to a traditional particular liberal training or study of "the Humanities." Sociological term for habit of extend beliefs, such as love, loyalty, kindness, solution, honesty, which usually prevail in primary or intimate teams to steer conduct in non-primary or impersonal groups. Spiritual Humanism is any view which doesn't consider belief in a deity crucial to faith, though certainly not denying its presence and not fundamentally doubting useful worth to these types of belief. Represented by a small grouping of left-wing Unitarian ministers and college teachers which, in-may, 1933, published "The Humanist Manifesto," wherein faith is broadly regarded as a "provided quest for the great life" and personal justice and social reform are stressed as important in religious endeavor. -- A.J.B.

humanism meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Human nature or personality; mankind.

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  • (letter.) The research for the humanities; courteous understanding.

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The only religious movement that can be regarded as even rather vaguely the outcome of humanism is the Socinian.

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