What does honeymoon mean?

honeymoon meaning in General Dictionary

The first month after marriage

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  • invest a holiday after an individual's relationship
  • the early (usually relaxed and good) amount of a relationship; company or political
  • a vacation taken by a newly hitched few
  • 1st month after relationship.

honeymoon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, hony moone, but most likely a great deal older, "indefinite period of tenderness and satisfaction skilled by a newly wed couple," from honey (n.) in mention of the newest relationship's sweetness, and moon (n.) in mention of the just how long it might most likely last, or from the switching facet of the moon: no sooner full than it starts to wane. French has actually cognate lune de miel, but German version is flitterwochen (plural), from flitter "tinsel" + wochen "week." In figurative usage from 1570s. Specific sense of "post-wedding getaway" attested from c.1800; as a verb in this sense from 1821. Associated: Honeymooned; honeymooning.

honeymoon - German to English

Honeymoon [James Patterson, Howard Roughan]

honeymoon meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Initial thirty days after relationship.

Sentence Examples with the word honeymoon

Katie teased Carmen privately, saying that the honeymoon was over, and Lori asked what they were fighting about.

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