What does homeward mean?

homeward meaning in General Dictionary

Toward home in the direction of ones house city or nation

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  • Being in the direction of home as the homeward way
  • toward house
  • oriented toward home
  • becoming toward residence; as, the homeward means.
  • Alt. of Homewards

homeward meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., homward, from Old English ham weard; see house (letter.) + -ward. Also Homewards, with adverbial genitive -s (Old English hamweardes).

homeward meaning in Sports Dictionary

The journey through the half-way seek out the conclusion during time tests. (recreation: Cycling)

homeward meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Being toward house; because, the homeward method.

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  • (adv.) Alt. of Homewards

Sentence Examples with the word homeward

Where the mowers mow the cleanest, Where the hay lies thick and greenest, There to trace the homeward bee, That's the way for Billy and me.

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