What does hilarity mean?

hilarity meaning in General Dictionary

Boisterous mirth merriment jollity

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  • great merriment
  • Boisterous mirth; merriment; jollity.

hilarity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from Latin hilaritatem (nominative hilaritas) "cheerfulness, gaiety, merriment," from hilaris "cheerful, gay," from Greek hilaros "cheerful, homosexual, merry, joyous," pertaining to hilaos "graceful, kindly." In ancient Rome, Hilaria (neuter plural of hilaris) had been a class of vacations, times of pomp and rejoicing; there have been public people honoring Cybele during the spring equinoxes in addition to personal people at the time of a marriage or a son's birth.

hilarity meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Boisterous mirth; merriment; jollity.

Sentence Examples with the word hilarity

Other churches having historical associations are the two Greyfriars churches, which occupy the two halves of one building; Tron church, the scene of midnight hilarity at the new year; St Cuthbert's church; St Andrew's church in George Street, whence set out, on a memorable day in 1843, that long procession of ministers and elders to Tanfield Hall which ended in the founding of the Free Church; St George's church in Charlotte Square, a good example of the work of Robert Adam.

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