What does helvetian mean?

helvetian meaning in General Dictionary

Same as Helvetic

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  • a native of Switzerland
  • Just Like Helvetic.
  • A Swiss; a Switzer.

helvetian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"Swiss," 1550s, from Helvetia terra, Medieval Latin name of Switzerland, from Latin Helvetius "pertaining on Helvetii," a Celtic individuals of ancient Gallia Lugdunensis.

helvetian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) just like Helvetic.

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  • (letter.) A Swiss; a Switzer.

Sentence Examples with the word helvetian

This system had already been applied to the Batavian republic in 1795, totheLigurian and Cisalpine republics in June 1797; it was extended to that of MUlhausen on the 28th of January 1798, to the Roman republic in February, to the Helvetian in April, while the Parthenopaean republic (Naples) was to be established in 1799.

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