What does held mean?

held meaning in General Dictionary

imp amp p p of Hold

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  • occupied or perhaps in the control over; usually utilized in combo
  • imp. & p. p. of Hold.
  • of Hold

held meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. decided or ruled, as "the judge held your agreement was legitimate."

held meaning in Law Dictionary

some thing held in custody or storage space to fulfill an ailment.

held meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English heold, past tense and p.p. of hold.

held meaning in Business Dictionary

Kept in custody, control, or storage space, generally to fulfill an ailment or necessity.

held - German to English

brave guy

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  • winner [hero]
  • working-class hero
  • brave personality [hero]
  • heroic figure [hero]
  • hero

held meaning in General Dictionary

imp. & p. p. of Hold.

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  • (imp. & p. p.) of Hold

Sentence Examples with the word held

Before the Norman Conquest seven thanes held it of Edward the Confessor as seven manors, but William the Conqueror granted the whole to Ilbert de Lacy, and at the time of the Domesday Survey it was held of him by Ralph Paganel, who is said to have raised Leeds castle, possibly on the site of an earlier fortification.

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