What does happy mean?

happy meaning in General Dictionary

Favored by hap luck or fortune lucky fortunate successful prosperous satisfying desire as a happy expedient a happy effort a happy venture a happy omen

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  • excitedly disposed to act or even to be of solution
  • taking pleasure in or showing or marked by delight or pleasure
  • marked by good fortune
  • well expressed and to the purpose
  • popular with hap, fortune, or fortune; fortunate; lucky; successful; prosperous; fulfilling need; as, a delighted expedient; a happy effort; a delighted venture; a happy omen.
  • Experiencing the effect of favorable lot of money; having the feeling due to the consciousness of well-being or of pleasure; taking pleasure in great of any kind, as serenity, tranquillity, convenience; contented; joyous; since, pleased hours, delighted thoughts.
  • Dexterous; ready; likely; felicitous.

happy meaning in Names Dictionary

Cheerful, lighthearted.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

happy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "lucky, popular with lot of money, successful;" of occasions, "turning away really," from hap (n.) "opportunity, lot of money" + -y (2). Feeling of "very happy" very first recorded belated 14c. Ousted Old English eadig (from ead "wealth, riches") and ges

happy - German to English

successful [Snow White] [Disney]

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  • pleased

happy meaning in General Dictionary

(superl.) Popular with hap, fortune, or lot of money; lucky; lucky; effective; successful; fulfilling need; as, a happy expedient; a happy work; a happy venture; a happy omen.

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  • (superl.) Experiencing the effectation of favorable fortune; getting the feeling due to the awareness of wellbeing or of pleasure; taking pleasure in great of any sort, as serenity, tranquillity, comfort; contented; joyous; as, happy hours, pleased ideas.
  • (superl.) Dexterous; ready; apt; felicitous.

Sentence Examples with the word happy

The marriage was not a happy one, and after the birth of a son incompatibility of temper led to a separation, the count retiring to his estate on the Indre, where by an extravagant course of living he became hopelessly involved in debt.

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