What does greek mean?

greek meaning in General Dictionary

an indigenous or one of the folks of Greece a Grecian in addition the language of Greece

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  • Of or pertaining to Greece or even the Greeks Grecian
  • of or associated with or characteristic of Greece or perhaps the Greeks or perhaps the Greek language
  • a native or inhabitant of Greece
  • the Hellenic branch associated with the Indo-European group of languages
  • Of or pertaining to Greece or even the Greeks; Grecian.
  • a local, or one of the individuals, of Greece; a Grecian; in addition, the language of Greece.
  • A swindler; a knave; a cheat.
  • some thing unintelligible; as, it had been all Greek in my opinion.

greek meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English Grecas, Crecas (plural), very early Germanic borrowing from the bank from Latin Graeci "the Hellenes," from Greek Graikoi. Aristotle, who was the first to make use of Graikhos as equivalent to Hellenes ("Meteorologica" I.xiv), had written it was the name initially used by Illyrians when it comes to Dorians in Epirus, from Graii, local title of those of Epirus. But a modern principle (put forth by German classical historian Georg Busolt, 1850-1920), derives it from Graikhos "inhabitant of Graia" (actually "gray"), a city from the coastline of Boeotia, which was title provided by the Romans to all the Greeks, originally on Greek colonists from Graia whom assisted found Cumae (9c. B.C.E.), the significant town in southern Italy where Latins first encountered Greeks. Under this theory, it absolutely was reborrowed in this basic feeling by the Greeks. The Germanic languages initially borrowed the term with a preliminary -k- noise (compare Old tall German Chrech, Gothic Kreks), which probably ended up being their particular preliminary sound nearest towards Latin -g- at the time; the phrase was later refashioned. It had been delicate of God to understand Greek when he wished to come to be a writer -- rather than to learn it better. [Nietzsche, "Beyond Good and wicked," 1886] Meaning "the Greek language" is from late 14c.; indicating "unintelligible speech, gibberish" is from c.1600. Meaning "Greek-letter fraternity member" is pupil slang, 1900.

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  • late 14c., from Greek (n.). Earlier in the day Gregeis (c.1300), from Old French Gregois; additionally Greekish (Old English Grecisc). In venery, "anal," by 1970. Greek present is from "

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Greek [coll.] [Am.]

greek meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or regarding Greece or perhaps the Greeks; Grecian.

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  • (n.) A native, or one of the men and women, of Greece; a Grecian; also, the language of Greece.
  • (letter.) A swindler; a knave; a cheat.
  • (n.) One thing unintelligible; because, it absolutely was all to me.

Sentence Examples with the word greek

He indulged freely in flourishes; and in devising technical terms derived from the Greek he seems to have aimed at making them as unintelligible as possible.

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